NEWKEY/80 Keyboard & Joystick Adapter
for TRS80 Model 3/4

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(PS/2 and USB Keyboard Ports* + Atari Joystick Port*)
Only $55 +s/h
(Includes NEWKEY/80 DUO-JOY, case, deluxe ribbon cable, power connectors, and installation guide)

* The active keyboard port (PS/2 or USB) is based on the currently loaded firmware (downloads below).
* Joystick simulates arrow keys and space bar (used by most games).
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Why NEWKEY/80?
  • Replace your broken or poorly functioning TRS-80 keyboard
  • More familiar PC keyboard layout
  • Use your favorite USB or PS/2 keyboard on your TRS-80
  • Play games using an Atari Joystick!

  • USB and PS/2 keyboard interfaces (active port based on currently loaded firmware)
  • Atari 9-pin Joystick port
  • Compatible with TRS80 Model 3 and Model 4 (Model 4P not currently supported)
  • Can work simultaneously with existing keyboard, if desired (when using the included deluxe ribbon cable)
  • Compact size. Mounts inside TRS80 case
  • Compatible with most standard PC keyboards
  • Works with wireless 2.4Ghz USB keyboards
  • Fast and accurate key response
  • Native TRS-80 key repeat
  • Handles special keys independently (arrows, space, control, break, shift, @) for excellent compatibility
  • Works great with games and applications
  • Supports TRS80 Control key sequences (Shift+Down for control code input)
  • Easily upgradable firmware to allow for enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEWKEY/80 mounts inside the TRS80 case. This is a fairly easy process but does require +5v and ground connections. Recommend method is to tap in to existing TRS80 power supply. A 4-pin Molex Disk Drive power Y-adapter cable as well as solderless wire tap connectors are included.
  • The NEWKEY/80 keyboard port is located on the adapter and is therefore located inside the TRS80 case.
  • A common keyboard extension cable (PS/2 or USB, not included) can be used to route the keyboard connector outside of the TRS80 case.
  • A common 9-pin serial or Atari joystick extension cable (not included) can be used in a similar fashion to route the joystick connector outside of the TRS80 case.
  • Wireless keyboards need to be the "no drivers required" type

NEWKEY/80 Installation & User Guide v1.8

NEWKEY/80 (PS/2) Firmware v1.3 (change log)
NEWKEY/80 (USB) Firmware v1.4 (change log)

XLoader - Arduino Firmware Update Tool for PC (download) (homepage)
HexUploader - Arduino Firmware Update Tool for Mac (download) (homepage)