v3.3.0 for OS X (10.11 El Capitan)
v2.8.1 for OS X (10.5 and below)

MyMenuDate offers a fully customizable system menu bar clock and calendar.

Some examples of the unlimited formats available:


  • Now compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Handy countdown timer with common presets or user-defined duration
  • Time zone and GMT display options
  • Multi-language support
  • Visual phase of moon display option
  • Monthly and yearly calendars with iCal look and feel
  • Westminster hourly chime (optional)
  • Fonts, size, and text color selection
  • Background color selection
  • Date information with user-defined display formats
  • Time information with user-defined display formats
  • Day of week, month name, julian date, and week
  • Drop-down month or year calendar
  • Check for update option
  • Automatically run on system startup
  • Tuned for high-performance
  • Low memory requirements
  • Universal Binary for Mac OS X
MyMenuDate provides a custom display of important date and time information in the format that YOU want!

Menu Options

Monthly Calendar Window

Preference Window

Please try before you buy. This will ensure that MyMenuDate is exactly what you are expecting before spending your hard-earned cash!

The unregistered version is fully functional. However, registration reminders are displayed.

You'll wonder how you've lived without it!