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NEWKEY/80 USB Firmware Change Log
For PCB v1.0 - Meduino CPU (Black Reset Button)
v2.0 04/25/2021
  • Add "Meduino" to app_name. Meduino has black reset button (DUO-JOY PCB 1.0)
  • Update TRS-IO Retrostore client loader and shortcut (Ctl-Alt-T) for latest TRS-IO card.
  • Added debug status to 'About' command output
  • Added more characters to sendCharToTRS80() routine
  • Updated kbd.h special key handling to fix Ctrl-Alt-x problem when pressing twice in a row.

v1.4 05/13/2019
  • Fixed occasional USB keyboard lockups after performing (A)bout or (H)elp commands
  • Added spaces between keywords for RetroStore Card loader BASIC program (CTL-ALT-Keypad*)

v1.3 01/25/2019
  • Add Atari joystick support (for use by DUO-JOY board)

v1.2 01/14/2019
  • Add "USB" to About screen

v1.1 12/29/2018
  • Fix control key handling (Model 4 mode only)
  • Added macro for RetroStoreCard BASIC loader (CTL-ALT-KEYPAD*)