NEWPRINT/Multi Virtual Printer Interface
for TRS80 Model 1/3/4/4p,
Apple IIe/IIgs (w/Grappler+),
and other* vintage computers

*Other vintage computers may work with NEWPRINT but only TRS-80 and Apple II have been tested at the moment.

(Graphics output available on Apple II, IIGS series only) Emulates 4-Color Imagewriter printer + PDF output


- TRS-80 is text only

- Apple II Series requires a Grappler+ (or compatible) card

- Apple II+, IIE supports text and Print Shop graphics

- Apple IIGS supports Apple II (as above) plus Print Shop/GS and GS/OS graphics output (requires Harmonie printer drivers)

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NEWPRINT/Multi is a wifi-enabled "virtual" printer adapter for TRS-80 (Model 1, 3, 4/4P) and Apple IIe/IIgs (with Grappler+ or compatible printer card).

*Other vintage computers may work with NEWPRINT but only TRS-80 and Apple II have been tested at the moment.

NEWPRINT connects to your computer's printer port and your local wifi network to send printer output to any device that supports a modern browser (iPad, Desktop PC, Mac, etc.).

Apple IIGS GS/OS printing is supported when using Hermonie parallel printer drivers.

Requires: 2.4Ghz wifi network. Apple IIe/IIgs usage requires a Grappler+ (or compatible) printer card.

The NEWPRINT web interface can show printer output as plain text, hexadecimal values, Print Shop graphics (Apple II only), or Apple IIGS GS/OS graphics printing.

Text mode output does not (currently) understand special printer control codes used by word processor application packages (ie.
BOLD, multiple font sizes, Form Feed, etc.).

After you enter your wifi credentials (SSID and password - see users guide below) the NEWPRINT web interface will be available from any browser in your local wifi network at:

NEWPRINT uses the standard HTML WebSocket API so you can even write your own web-based or desktop interface for displaying and processing NEWPRINT output.

Note: Power adapter and printed user manual are not included to keep prices low. See the PDF user manual below for more information.

TRS-80 Notes:

Graphics are not supported when using NEWPRINT/Multi on a TRS-80.
Output for TRS-80 machines is
text only at the moment.
Apple IIGS Notes:

- Some IIGS models may require a "newer" Grappler+ card (with 74LS374 in U10). The "old" Grappler+ card (with 74LS373 in U10) may have timing issues on the GS.

- My setup is a ROM01 IIGS with the older (373) Grappler+ card and I have no issues.

- See this
link for Apple's Tech Note on this issue

- If you are using one of the older Grappler+ cards (373 chip), set dip switch 1 to OFF.
- If you are using one of the newer Grappler+ cards (374 chip), set dip switch 1 to ON.
Apple II, IIGS Cable Installation:

See the NEWPRINT PDF manual for a few pictures and tips on how to install the ribbon cable through the rear slots without damaging your cable.

NEWPRINT/Multi - Currently sold out. I should have more available in a few days. Please use the contact page to be added to the waiting list. Thanks!
$60 (Board & Cable)

+ $6.50 shipping
NOTE: International shipping for NEWPRINT/Multi is available. Please use the contact page to get a quote.
Computer (Cable Type)

NEWPRINT/Multi comes with your choice of an Apple II or TRS-80 compatible ribbon cable.
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TRS-80 Cable (34 pin edge connector)
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Apple II Cable (26 pin)