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NEWPRINT/Multi Firmware Change Log

  • v1.4.2 2023-04-17

    Fix ampersand character in RTF output file

  • v1.4.1 2023-04-17

    Blank line fix for IIGS graphics when using older Grappler+ cards (G+Fix)

    New display color options (white on black, green on black)

    Renamed formats to be more generic: "AppleWorks" to "Document" and "PrintShop" to "Graphics"

  • v1.4 2023-03-31

    AppleWorks Output Support (for Apple II Series)

  • v1.3 2022-03-09

    GS/OS support (for Apple IIGS)

  • v1.2  (Unreleased)

    Print Shop GS support (for Apple IIGS)

  • v1.1  2022-02-20

    Print Shop support (for Apple II)

  • v1.0  2021-08-28

    Initial version